“It is a musical romp of the Bard’s TWELFTH NIGHT, one of his most beloved comedies.  But you don’t have to know the story or even like Shakespeare to enjoy the show.”  (The Virginia Gazette)

“This production is fun.  It has an endearing score that highlights the brilliance Shakespeare penned hundreds of years ago.”  (The Virginia Gazette)


“You can’t help but be enchanted.”  (The Virginia Gazette)

“The energy, characters and music just reach out and grab you.”  (The Virginia Gazette)

“The score is amazingly innovative and catchy.  The music runs the gamut from ballads to country.”  (The Virginia Gazette)

“This play can appeal to anyone, regardless of Shakespeare savvy.”  (The Virginia Gazette)

“Briggs repackaged the popular play as an American-style musical comedy with an occasional heavy overlay of “show biz.”  That, given the opening night’s performance, made for a very enjoyable evening.”  (Port Folio Weekly)

“Briggs’ use of Shakespeare’s most successful comedy as a vehicle for an unusual kind of musical venture amounted to a meritorious undertaking.”  (Port Folio Weekly)

“It’s all wonderful material you can’t go wrong with.”  (Toano-Norge Times)

Illyria plays up the absurdity of the situations by finding the music to match, whether the style be old fashioned rock & roll or country or Gospel or a number of other genres the writers tap into.”  (Toano-Norge Times)

“Illyria is definitely a show worth seeing.”  (Toano-Norge Times)

“I haven’t laughed so hard for a long time.”  (Sussex-Surry Dispatch)

“John R. Briggs and Eric Frampton rewrote the classic Twelfth Night, turning the original text into a hilarious, bawdy two hours of fun….Let yourself be swept up in the magical world of Illyria and carried along on many styles of music, as Shakespeare conjures his own magic with words.”  (Sussex-Surry Dispatch)

“A total of 18 original songs provide something for everyone, being performed in several different styles including calypso, country, big band, rock, gospel and love ballads.  Several times the audience joined in the merriment by clapping along with the beat.”  (Sussex-Surry Dispatch)

“I highly recommend Illyria for a family night out.”  (Sussex-Surry Dispatch)

“My family and I couldn’t believe how marvelous it was, with side-splitting humor, well-done songs and strong performances.  I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.”

“It’s a crowd-pleaser for the whole family.  Illyria is a blast.”

“The score is breezy and upbeat.”  (Daily Press)

Magical Illyria

By Iris Ray
August 2, 2012

My friends and I came on Sunday afternoon to the matinee, and it was so wonderful we gathered some more friends and came back Tuesday night to see it again.  It was just as exciting and magically the second time.  The performers were top notch; the set was eye-catching and well planned (although when the performers jumped on the benches, it was a little unnerving); the music and energy were excellent.

I'm looking forward to many more trips to this entertaining venue.

A terrific performance!

By Steve
July 23, 2012

Illyria was absolutely terrific--the set, the costumes, the music, the actors, everything. As someone who grew up with a Shakespeare Festival and attended almost every play, it was great seeing a musical twist on a great classic. If you think you won't like Shakespeare, you will love this show. The show was well-cast and well-performed. There was a perfect balance of humor, drama, song and dance.

ILLYRIA! Summer 2012's MUST SEE in Atlanta Theater!

By Beth Kline
June 8, 2012 

Georgia Shakespeare knocked it out of the park on this show!  We dragged - and I mean DRAGGED - our 14 and 16 year old sons to GS performance last night. By the third song - we were ALL hooked. Great vocals, excellent casting, & suburb acting teamed up with an exotic, visually-textured set and complimenting lighting effects make this the perfect show for families with "tweens" and teens. Adults of all ages enjoyed the retro-music fun and Shakespeare's usual word-play mischief.  OH! How could I not mention the fabulous costumes too? Illyria; a 12th Night Musical was fast-paced and thoroughly engaging!  Great Job GA Shakespeare!

First timer

By Becky Wells
June 14, 2012 

My first Georgia Shakespeare performance and certainly will not be my last.  It was delightful...an evening of smiles, laughter and satisfying song. We added the Carole Parks picnic and were doubly delighted. Do come-and bring a friend(s).  They will thank you. 


By Laura Winebarger
June 8, 2012

I have been attending Georgia Shakespeare since you began and you never disappoint.  Chris Kayser always amazes me - he is delightful this time around, again!  All the performances were great - the songs just kept getting better as the show went on!  Bravo!

Illyria is addictive

By Karen
July 3, 2012

i attended one of the early performances of Illyria (early June).  it was FANTASTIC!  the music is addictive (love, love, love it!) and the adaptation is brilliant.  my only regret: i could not extend my stay so i attend another performance.  i liked it so much i am planning a trip back to Atlanta (from central Florida) so i can see it again.  Illyria should be on broadway.  why isn't it????
favorite performer:  Travis Smith
favorite song: all of them (can't choose just one; they are all VERY good)
note: (planning my trip based on Illyria performance dates)


By Terri Zuckerman
June 8, 2012

Loved it.  Where else could I see Arab-esque costumes mingled with country, gospel, blues, rock and tango music?

What a wonderful show!

By Cynthia
June 14, 2012

The voices, choreography, wit/humor and poignancy of moments were just marvelous. Musically, it was fun and so well done. The whole cast looked like it was having fun as well. Thanks for a great evening!

From our Facebook page:

By June Lovenbury Warfield
June 13, 2012

We just got back from seeing "Illyria" and can't stop talking about how wonderful it was! We've been attending the Georgia Shakespeare Festival for twenty years and this is now my all time favorite play. This is a "Must See" for anyone in the Atlanta area!

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