Crazy Love

Available Exclusively from Musical Bard A musical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Taming Of The Shrew Concept and Adaptation by John R. Briggs Music and Lyrics by John R. Briggs & Dennis West Crazy Love is a rambunctious musical comedy focusing on what is the ultimate clash—the battle of the sexes. Love and marriage, courtship and breakups and the volatile nature of conflicting personalities that are simultaneously attracted to and repulsed by one another.

Ultimate Comedic Battle

This is the ultimate battle of the sexes. Love and marriage, courtship and breakups and the volatile nature of conflicting personalities that are simultaneously attracted to and repulsed by one another. If it sounds to you like Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, you’re right. That’s exactly what it is. But it’s more.

Nonstop Musical Comedy

It’s The Taming of the Shrew set in Miami with lots of wonderful tap and Latin numbers, quick witted comedy and a collision course of characters guaranteed to entertain all ages. From the moving and lovely torch song Dice of Love to the buoyant duet Tough Job, this is musical comedy is designed to entertain from start to finish. Soulful solos, exciting company numbers and clever comic tunes tell the story of a love ordained to be filled with laughingly fitful fights, clever insights and potentially love filled nights. The musical numbers hearken back to another era when names like Gene Gelly, Fred Astair, Ginger Rodgers, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor entertained audiences with magical moves, musical panache and snappy comedy.

Characters and Plot

Petruchio, and his vaudeville-second-banana, Grumio, come to Miami in search of a rich wife. His friend, Hortensio, aims Petruchio at Katherine, the daughter of Miami’s wealthiest man. In exchange for this information, Hortensio asks Petruchio’s help in courting Katherine’s younger sister, Bianca. Hortensio’s dilemma is that Bianca is also being sought two other suitors. One is Gremio and the other a young new comer, Lucentio. Things get complicated very quickly. There’s instant heat between the commanding Petruchio and the quick-tempered Katherine but not in the way one might first expect. This is not love at first sight; it’s fight at first sight. Initially, the two mix like water and vinegar. As for Hortensio, his courtship of the lovely Bianca starts out as a hopeful adventure and eventually becomes a lost cause. But remember, in a musical comedy a little bit of heartache goes a long way. Although Hortensio never receives Bianca’s love that’s for best, as she does find her soul mate in Lucentio. The marriage is sealed through the help of Lucentio’s close friend, Tranio. And as for our main romantic and comic concern, Petruchio and Katherine, what becomes of them? Through a series of zany maneuvers by the two, they are married. By the end of this musical comedy, the two couples are content in their marriage and all’s well that ends well.

Why Audiences Love Crazy Love

This musical entertains on every level possible. This is written for high-energy singers, dancers and actors who love to entertain in every way. The plot is proven, the conflicts are universal and the characters are deftly defined. When is love most likely to occur? When and where it is least expected. Crazy Love is available exclusively from Musical Bard. Contact us today for more information or click here to register and gain full access to Musical Bard. Requires: Ten men, six women

…paying homage to the Fred-and Ginger movie musicals.  I loved it!
Christine Dolen, Miami Herald Theatre Critic

When three dancers finish “Tough Job,” they have just completed the most dazzling production number in town this year.  For this to work is an homage and not just a send-up, composer-lyricists Dennis West and Mr. Briggs must sound almost as good as the great composers of the period.  It’s an achievement that they do so….

Dan Hulbert, Atlanta Journal Constitution


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